photo Katie McCurdy

photo Katie McCurdy

BRRCH is the NY based floral project of Brittany Asch, founded in 2013, on the principle of delivering flowers as art to heighten the appreciation of the natural world around us.

With deep respect to natural landscapes, Brittany aims to create climates from worlds that do no exist often elevating the flowers she shares into the realm of fantasy and surreality. Her work with arrangements was once described as, "What love would look like if love could materialize into floral form." 

With BRRCH, Brittany has collaborated across many mediums with other artists, musicians, and brands. She has produced flowers for music videos, short films, installations, Royalty, and The 14th Dalai Lama. 

Her flower work, endorsed by both Vogue and Martha Stewart, along with an ever-growing clientele roster is specifically designed with each of her clients in mind. She derives great pleasure from making meaningful and memorable work while challenging traditional notions of flowers and getting people to actually take note of what is directly in front of them.


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